About Us

The Wells Gray Community Forest was Incorporated in September 2004.

Following the approval of the Forest Stewardship Plan, operations began in 2006.

The Wells Gray Community Forest is managed and owned on behalf of the citizens of Wells Gray Country.  Extensive volunteer efforts have made the Wells Gray Community Forest a success to date.  These volunteers reflect the values and ideas of the Citizens within Wells Gray Country.  Public Involvement is essential to the long term viability of the Community Forest Operations.

Board & Directors

The Corporation operates under the direction of a Board of Directors comprised of eight volunteer members.  The officers of the Corporation consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and a Treasurer.  One director position is reserved for Simpcw First Nations. The board oversees the management of the business and affairs of the Corporation.

The day to day operations of the Corporation are under the direction of the General Manager who reports to the Board of Directors.  This ensures the operations of the Community Forest are in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Community Forest Agreement License.

The Current WGCFC Board of Directors are:

President – Joel Steinberg
Vice President – Brent Buck
Chief Financial Officer – Paul Streadwick
Tim Panko
Seppi Wadlegger
Ron Hadley
Wayne Sim

WGCFC Manager

George Brcko

Goals and Management

The Wells Gray Community Forest (WGCFC) will be guided by a sustainable forest management ethic.  The WGCFC will manage for multiple resources.  These values are consistent with Kamloops Land and Resource Management Plan as well as other Local Resource Use Plans within the Thompson Rivers, Okanagan Forest District. The WGCFC is designed to benefit the people of Wells Gray Country while maintaining a high standard of forest stewardship on the land base.

Community Forest Advisory Committee

The Community Forest Advisory Committee (CFAC) is established , as a mechanism for community participation and involvement to assist the Wells Gray Community Forest Corporation (WGCFC) to be successful. More info…

Wells Gray Forest Society

Purpose of the Society: To promote the economic and social welfare of the residents of Wells Gray Country (including the District of Clearwater), including the provision of support for the benevolent and charitable enterprises, federations, agencies and societies engaged in furthering these purposes.

Surplus profits will be granted through application processes and distributed to the citizens of Wells Gray Country (Round Top to Hole in the Wall).  More info…