Wells Gray Community Forests from Ken Matheson on Vimeo.

Mission Statement

The Wells Gray Community Forest Corporation’s mission is to operate and manage a Community Forest Agreement License on a long term sustainable, environmental, and social plan that will maximize economic opportunities and benefits for the residents of Wells Gray Country.



The Wells Gray Community Forest Corporation manages a long-term Community Forest tenure agreement. WGCFC is designed to benefit the people of Wells Gray Country while maintaining a high standard of forest stewardship on the land base, the community forest manages for multiple resources and ensures its operations are consistent with high level plans.



The Wells Gray Community Forest Corporation landbase surrounds the township of Clearwater. Clearwater is 130km north of Kamloops in the Southern Interior of BC Canada.

  • Birch Stand


The Wells Gray Community Forest Corporation (WGCFC) is managed and owned on behalf of the citizens of Wells Gray Country. Wells Gray Community Forest Corporation operates under the direction of a board of Directors comprised of eight volunteer members. The officers of the corporation consist of President, Vice President, Secretary and a treasure. This board oversees the management of the business affairs of the corporation. The day to day operations of the Corporation are under the direction of the General Manager who reports to the board of directors.