Community Forest Advisory Committee

The Community Forest Advisory Committee (CFAC) was created in 2008 for 2 reasons:

  1. To provide a mechanism for community participation and involvement in the Community Forest
  2. To fulfill a commitment in the application for the community forest licence

The role of CFAC is:

  • To be a volunteer advisory body to the Wells Gray Community Forest Corp. (WGCFC ) Board of Directors
  • To raise the public’s awareness of the Community Forest (CF) and how it can benefit them
  • To encourage and foster the public participation in the CF by holding public meetings, open houses, joint field trips, and information session
  • To assist with the development of a communication plan that holds the CFAC and WGCFC accountable to the public’s concerns and input

All residents of the District of Clearwater and Wells Gray Country (electoral Area A – TNRD) are welcome to participate in all meetings and activities of CFAC.

CFAC holds at least 4 meetings a year and one AGM meeting annually for the purposes of member elections, reporting on accomplishments and providing an opportunity for public input.

CFAC executive is made up of 8 members – Chair, vice chair, Secretary/Treasurer, 4 Directors and 1 ex officio appointed from the WGCFC board of directors. Terms of office are for 2 years with half of the executive rotating each election and with the Chair and Vice chair positions in opposite rotation.

Current members of CFAC are:

Peter Barstow – Chair
Heather MacLennan – Vice Chair
Abbey Bates – Secretary/Treasurer
Isabell Hadford, Ray Jackson, Ted Richardson, Bas Delaney- Directors
Dave Meehan – ex officio from WGCFC

If you would like to contact CFAC for more information, have questions or would like to provide input please contact the chair or vice chair at,