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We offer clear cut, select cut, plantation thinning, swamp cut, property development cut services.

Free Growing status

The Wells Gray Community Forest achieved Free Growing status for six cut blocks that were planted in 2008.

Fuel management

70 hectares of fuel management was completed in November 2022, within the Landscape Fuel break in the Gill creek chart. Fuel management or...

2023 Annual spring planting program

The 2023 Annual spring planting program will be completed by a local planting company, Future Reforestation. We are collectively working on a...

International Students hosted from UBC

During the Month of March 2022, WGCFC hosted international Students from UBC, we collectively worked on alternative forest management strategies...

Winter harvesting program commenced

On November 15 2023, the winter harvesting program commenced in East Blackpool and in the Raft chart area with Wadlegger Logging. Safety and...

Management & Cut Cycle

On November 1, 2021, the Community Forest entered a new Five-year management and cut cycle.

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