Community Forest Advisory Committee

The Community Forest Advisory Committee (CFAC) was created in 2008 for 2 reasons:

  1. To provide a mechanism for community participation and involvement in the Community Forest
  2. To fulfill a commitment in the application for the community forest licence

The role of CFAC is:

  • To be a volunteer advisory body to the Wells Gray Community Forest Corp. (WGCFC ) Board of Directors
  • To raise the public’s awareness of the Community Forest (CF) and how it can benefit them
  • To encourage and foster the public participation in the CF by holding public meetings, open houses, joint field trips, and information session
  • To assist with the development of a communication plan that holds the CFAC and WGCFC accountable to the public’s concerns and input

All residents of the District of Clearwater and Wells Gray Country (electoral Area A – TNRD) are welcome to participate in all meetings and activities of CFAC.

CFAC holds at least 4 meetings a year and one AGM meeting annually for the purposes of member elections, reporting on accomplishments and providing an opportunity for public input.

CFAC executive is made up of 8 members – Chair, vice chair, Secretary/Treasurer, 4 Directors and 1 ex officio appointed from the WGCFC board of directors. Terms of office are for 2 years with half of the executive rotating each election and with the Chair and Vice chair positions in opposite rotation.

If you would like to contact CFAC for more information, have questions or would like to provide input please contact the chair or vice chair at,

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